Participant artists:

Otto Rapp, Oleg Korolev, Daniel Hanequand, Ton Haring, Viktor Safonkin, Peter van Oostzanen, Hikaru Hirata, Patricia van Lubeck, Dean Fleming, Christhopher Klein, Sergey Barkosky, Larkin, Carlos Aguado, Sonja Tines, Gerardo Gomez, Lv Shang, Alessandro Bulgarini, Pedro Diaz Cartes, Elizabeth Pantano, Egill Ebsen, Octavian Florescu, Dan Lydersen, Pavel Surma, Krzysztof Wlodarski (Kali), Shahla Rosa, Sampo Kaikkonen, Miguel Ruibal, Jo Rizo, Ludmila, Lourenço Gonçalves, Sergey Tyukanov, Mehriban Efendi, Carlos Godinho, Victor Lages, Meme, Hector Pineda, Gromyko Semper, Slavko Krunic, Adam Scott Miller, Roland Heyder, Vu Huyen Thuong, Santiago Ribeiro, Keith Wigdor.
Fernando Araujo, Carel Verelgh, Maciej Hoffman, Nadide Gürcüoğlu, Rui Cunha, Francisco Urbano, Mirek Antoniewicz, João Duarte, Nazareno Stanislau, Rudolf Boelee, Madrigal Arcia, Ignacio Casanovas, Dijana Iva Sesartic.


About santiagoribeiro

ABOUT SANTIAGO RIBEIRO The Portuguese artist, born in Condeixa-a-Nova and living in Coimbra, has shown his artworks with great regularity in Portugal and in other European countries, including Lisbon, Paris, Belgrade, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Moscow , Berlin, Warsaw, Florence, Podgorica, Montenegro, Timisoara in Romania and Dallas in Texas. He is the driving force and the promoter of the international project "Surrealism Now", which started in 2010, organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. Recently, the "Surrealism Now" exhibition was held in Lisbon, as a result of a partnership with artist Victor Lages. Santiago Ribeiro has publicized and promoted his work on the internet, through social networks and blogs, thereby having received numerous invitations to exhibit his art in various parts of the globe."
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