More than 80 artists from Moscow, Russia, CIS, Germany, USA, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus, New Zealand, Serbia, Greece.

Moscow Centre for Contemporary Art WINZAVOD ( Space “IndrikGrad” )
organiser – Andrei Nekrasov

Participant artists: 1. Andrei Nekrasov (Moscow, Russia), 2. Roman Zhigachev (Moscow, Russia), 3. Elvira Baranova (New Zealand, Warkworth), 4. Santiago Ribeiro (Coimbra, Portugal), 5. Shahla Rosa (San Juan Capistrano, California, USA), 6. Rimma Krasikova (Moscow, Russia), 7. Olga Durova (Moscow, Russia), 8. Victor Shmokhin (Moscow, Russia), 9. Tatomir Pitariu (Los Angeles, USA), 10. Anna Matveeva (Berlin, Germany), 11. Alexander Mayorov (Tula, Russia) Honored Artist of Russia, 12. Michael Rudnick (Vladimir, Russia), 13. Tania Alen (Moscow, Russia), 14. Sergey Jarovoy (Moscow, Russia), 15. Sergey Laisk (Yaroslavl, Russia), 16. Aleksandre Bolkvadze (Moscow, Russia), 17. Eugene Tsipulin (Moscow, Russia), 18. Anna Leshchenko (Kiev, Ukraine) Batik, 19. Julia Abrosimova (Moscow, Russia), 20. Ekaterina Abrosimova (Moscow, Russia), 21. Elena Syachina (Moscow, Russia) Photo, 22. Alex Zoui (Moscow, Russia), 23. Anna Smilyanskaya (Moscow, Russia), 24. Tatiana Kisulina (Moscow, Russia), 25. Tatiana Solomatina (Moscow, Russia), 26. Olga Rusanova (Moscow – Cyprus) Photo, 27. Denis Forkas Kostromitin (Moscow, Russia), 28. David Richardson (Colorado, USA) Sculpture, 29. Polina Nechaeva (Moscow, Russia), 30. Vasily Petrov (Moscow, Russia) Sculpture, 31. Elena Reshetova (Minsk, Belarus) Batik, 32. Maria Mamkaeva (St. Petersburg, Russia), 33. Sergey Opuls (St. Petersburg, Russia), 34. Olga Serezhina (Moscow, Russia), 35. Irina Vasileva (Moscow, Russia), 36. Dmitry Fesechko (Moscow, Russia), 37. Vasily Bobrikov (Belarus, Vitebsk), 38. Maria Ivanova (Moscow, Russia), 39. Nadezhda Mitskevitch (Moscow, Russia), 40. Marina Zhuravleva (Moscow, Russia), 41. Victor Ananyn (Moscow, Russia), 42. Svetlana Dergacheva (Moscow, Russia), 43. Lusine Dzhanyan (Moscow, Russia), 44. Yaroslav Surkov (Moscow, Russia), 45. Victor Pozdnyak (Moscow, Russia) Photo manipulation, 46. Nikolay Kibich (Chisinau, Moldova), 47. Daniel Zavgorodny (Moscow, Russia), 48. Anna Skvortsova (Moscow, Russia) Photo, 49. Galina Antipina (Ufa, Russia), 50. Aleksander Ovchinnikov (Moscow, Russia), 51. Olga Kulagina (Moscow, Russia), 52. Sergey Dergachev (Moscow, Russia), 53. Sergey Mikhaylov (Moscow, Russia), 54. Gennady Smirnov (Moscow, Russia), 55. Marina Viazova (Zelenograd, Russia), 56. Elena Krasnoshekova (Moscow, Russia), 57. Radosav Cirkovic (Krgujevac, Serbia), 58. Irina Tarasova (Moscow, Russia), 60. Natalia Emelianova (Moscow, Russia), 61. Natalia Rudnitskaya (Moscow, Russia), 62. Valery Lunev (St. Petersburg, Russia), 63. Larisa Sinkevitch (Moscow, Russia), 64. Ekaterina Bagdaeva (Moscow, Russia), 65. Elena Petrova (Moscow, Russia), 66. Victoria Isaenkova (Moscow, Russia), 67. Natalia Lokteva (Moscow, Russia), 68. Damjan Pavlovic (Serbia – Moscow), 69. Ludmila Valova (Moscow, Russia), 70. Irina Ternovskaya (Moscow, Russia), 71. Armen Zakharjan (St. Petersburg, Russia), 72. Olga Mochalova (Moscow, Russia), 73. Valentina Dergacheva (Moscow, Russia), 74. Galina Karaseva (Moscow, Russia), 75. Olga Tikhonova (Moscow, Russia), 76. Alen Malier (Moscow, Russia), 77. Spyropoulos Vasileios (Greece, Nafplio), 78. Tatiana Baum (Moscow, Russia), 79. Alexey Rusakov (Moscow, Russia), 80. Yuri Dyrin (Saransk, Russia), 81. Elena Barin (Moscow, Russia), 82. Eugene Nadalinsky (Moscow, Russia), 83. Sergey Martyn (Moscow, Russia), 84. Mark Makarov (Moscow, Russia), 85. Maria Fetisova (Moscow, Russia), 86. Natalia Kazirelova (Athens, Greece), 87. Michael Pugachev (Belarus), 88. Elena Shiryaeva (Yaroslavl, Russia), 89. Juliana Laikova (Moscow, Russia)


About santiagoribeiro

ABOUT SANTIAGO RIBEIRO The Portuguese artist, born in Condeixa-a-Nova and living in Coimbra, has shown his artworks with great regularity in Portugal and in other European countries, including Lisbon, Paris, Belgrade, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Moscow , Berlin, Warsaw, Florence, Podgorica, Montenegro, Timisoara in Romania and Dallas in Texas. He is the driving force and the promoter of the international project "Surrealism Now", which started in 2010, organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. Recently, the "Surrealism Now" exhibition was held in Lisbon, as a result of a partnership with artist Victor Lages. Santiago Ribeiro has publicized and promoted his work on the internet, through social networks and blogs, thereby having received numerous invitations to exhibit his art in various parts of the globe."
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  1. Sofia says:

    Gosto dos seus trabalhos! Parabéns!

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