Portuguese Surrealism of 21st Century

Portuguese Surrealism of 21st Century

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The exhibition “Portuguese Surrealism of the 21st Century” to be inaugurated on September 7, at the House of Culture Jaime Lobo e Silva, in Ericeira, follows on from the “International Surrealism Now” shows organized by artist Santiago Ribeiro. “Portuguese Surrealism of the 21st Century “ is dedicated to contemporary Portuguese surrealism and it is organized by Victor Lages, being the exhibition space obtained through the influence of artist Francisco Urbano.In this show, which will be open until November 10, the participants are contemporary artists who have been dedicating their art to Surrealism, being the artwork presented the most actual expressions of what’s being currently created in surrealism in Portugal.

Of highlighting that Hélio Cunha is, in his genesis and thought, a surrealist, who has recently exhibited in Lisbon with Cruzeiro Seixas. Isabel Meyrelles lives in Paris since 1950 and lived among the most prominent national and European surrealist artists, poets and painters.

Paula Rosa stands out by her digital art, Louis Athouguia by his abstract surrealism and Luis Fernandes uses new materials in his sculpture to create fantastic works. All other artists, impress by their personal touch and marked work, some of them are known by their projects of relevant interest to the Portuguese artistic scene.

The “International Surrealism Now” project will continue, following with an exhibition at Casa Roque Gameiro in Amadora, on November 30. On the other hand but equally in Portuguese, national surrealism will be present at Fellini Gallery in Berlin, on October 10, through the persistence of Santiago Ribeiro. This exhibition is supported by the Portuguese Embassy in that German city.

participating artists:

Firmo Silva (Painting)

Francisco Urbano (Painting)

Hélio Cunha (Painting)

Isabel Meyrelles (Sculpture)

João Carvalho (Painting)

Ludgero Rollo (Painting)

Luís Ahtouguia (Painting)

Luis Fernandes (Sculpture)

Paula Rosa (Digital Art)

Rui Silvares (Painting)

Santiago Ribeiro (Painting)

Victor Lages (Painting)


About santiagoribeiro

ABOUT SANTIAGO RIBEIRO The Portuguese artist, born in Condeixa-a-Nova and living in Coimbra, has shown his artworks with great regularity in Portugal and in other European countries, including Lisbon, Paris, Belgrade, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Moscow , Berlin, Warsaw, Florence, Podgorica, Montenegro, Timisoara in Romania and Dallas in Texas. He is the driving force and the promoter of the international project "Surrealism Now", which started in 2010, organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. Recently, the "Surrealism Now" exhibition was held in Lisbon, as a result of a partnership with artist Victor Lages. Santiago Ribeiro has publicized and promoted his work on the internet, through social networks and blogs, thereby having received numerous invitations to exhibit his art in various parts of the globe."
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